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Monday, October 31

Black Friday Leaks Have Begun

12:24 PM 0

The one positive thing about Black Friday shopping that resonates with all gamers is the great deals you can find the day after you've stuffed your gullet.
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Friday, September 9

Win A Mankind Divided Cloth Poster From The 1-Up Club!

4:40 PM 0

Here at The 1-Up Club, we'll occasionally find ourselves with "stuff" that we just don't need. Like, say, a few extra Deus Ex: Mankind Divided cloth posters. Luckily for our listeners, we see no reason why we can't show a little love to those of you who actively participate in the podcast and at the website.
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Tuesday, August 16

The XB1 S Laptop, NMS's Happy Patch, Titanfall 2 Test and More #VideoGames News

11:31 AM 0

An early start to the day's video game news is in order as some fun stuff is already breaking. We're both one week removed from the huge release of No Man's Sky and one week out from a new Madden and  Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, providing a short lull in the gaming action.

But it never lasts long, so here is today's news (so far).

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Thursday, July 14

Mini NES News w/ @RyHamner and @ryannoble66, The VR DualShocker and more #VideoGame News

5:37 PM 0

Some huge news broke today out of Nintendo-Land making all other news seem inconsequential. However, we won't play that game here, so here are the biggest stories for Thursday, July 14, 2016.

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Wednesday, July 13

Off The Fence With No Man's Sky

8:29 PM 0

I've really been conflicted over the past several months. The debate on whether to take the leap and pre-order the highly-anticipated No Man's Sky, which releases Aug 9, 2016, has ebbed and flowed with each update provided by Hello Games, every leak revealed by any number of sources and every conversation with fellow gamers looking for the next big game.

No Man's Sky has so much potential.
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Microsoft Pulls Out, S Leaks, Pokemon GO Helps Unity and more #VideoGames News

5:40 PM 0

It's Wednesday, July 13, 2016 (Happy Birthday to Randy, the person in this world that I've known longer than any human not related to me) and this is your daily dose of video game news.
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Tuesday, July 12

PokeMoney, Overwatch, Tim Sweeney on Microsoft and Other #VideoGame News

5:39 PM 0

This is a breakdown of some of the video game industry's top news stories of the day.

Pokemon GO, Overwatch, Battlefield and Epic Games' Tim Sweeney are all making the headlines and it's only Monday!
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Tuesday, May 31

E3 2016 Preview w/ @RyHamner and @GeofSux_666 (PODCAST)

9:00 AM 0

E3, the annual conference celebrating the future of video games, is right around the corner.  Listen in as Brian, Ryan and Tucker talk about what was, what is and what will be in the world of video games.
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Wednesday, May 25

NEW PODCAST: Welcome to the Club, @1Up_PowerUp!

3:50 PM 0

The 1-Up Club Podcast Network is proud to announce the arrival of a new show to its airwaves.  Heads Up regular Mart and his co-host for the Eat My Goal English Premier League podcast, Smokin' Scott, present 1-Up Power Up.
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Wednesday, April 27

PODCAST: Heads Up w/ @only1mart and @ryhamner

9:04 AM 0

This week on The 1-Up Club's Heads Up, Brian is joined by Ryan (Game-Block.com) and Mart (some other super-nefarious dotcom) to discuss some of the latest news in video games.
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Saturday, April 16

PODCAST: Heads Up w/ @ryhamner

8:00 AM 0

God of War IV is coming. So is Uncharted 4: A Thief's End. So is....are the.....Ghostbusters? And a new XBox One? And another new XBox One?
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Thursday, April 14

News Flashing: Site News and Programming Notes

7:06 PM 0
It's been a rough couple weeks behind the scenes at 1-Up.club. Since the last episode of the Heads Up podcast, I've been working really hard on a few different projects that have not turned out as well as I had hoped. This is how it goes with design.
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Saturday, April 9

Congrats to Child's Play on Hitting Big Mark

9:00 AM 0

Some of you may remember us mentioning a great charity on the podcast called Child's Play. This charity focuses on making the world better for children by bringing video games and consoles to Children's Hospitals and domestic abuse shelters around the world.

Recently, the organization hit a huge milestone.
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Friday, January 15

PODCAST: Game Time w/ @ryannoble66

11:37 AM 0

This week on Toons Game Time, Ryan Noble stops by to discuss the latest news from the video game industry. Stories include a VR game that is premised on being a massive bore, Kickstarter's millions, "Action games" and their effect on suicidal tendencies and, of course, The Obligatory Guitar Simulation Story of the Week.
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UPDATE: Show Notes: Jan 15, 2016 w/ @ryannoble66

8:17 AM 1

The following are the stories Brian and Ryan Noble will be talking about on Toons Game Time, which records on the morning of Thursday January 15, 2016 [UPDATE: Due to technical issues, moved from the 14th to the 15th].

To add to the conversation, reply in the comments section of this artcle, use #ToonsGT on twitter or send us an email at ToonsShow@gmail.com.
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Friday, January 8

PODCAST: Game Time (w/ @RyHamner) - Buying Season/Top News of 2015

12:53 PM 0

This week, Brian is joined by Ryan from Game-Block.com as they discuss the latest news from the video game world before turning their attentions to the biggest news stories from the year that was 2015.
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