UPDATE: Show Notes: Jan 15, 2016 w/ @ryannoble66 - 1-Up.club


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Friday, January 15

UPDATE: Show Notes: Jan 15, 2016 w/ @ryannoble66

The following are the stories Brian and Ryan Noble will be talking about on Toons Game Time, which records on the morning of Thursday January 15, 2016 [UPDATE: Due to technical issues, moved from the 14th to the 15th].

To add to the conversation, reply in the comments section of this artcle, use #ToonsGT on twitter or send us an email at ToonsShow@gmail.com.

[] Did you know that the magician duo of Penn & Teller have an intentionally and horrendously bad mini game that was part of another never-released video game? Well, IT'S COMING TO VR! (Polygon.com)

[] Recently, Lemmy Kilmister of Motorhead passed away. But thanks to the makers of a new mod, his spirit LIVES ON IN GTA V. (Kotaku.com)

[] Twilight Princess HD's Amiibo lineup will offer UNLOCKABLES AND REPLENISHMENTS of hearts, arrows and more. (IGN.com)

[] We're not saying "Don't cheat while playing Rainbow Six Siege" but don't cheat will playing Rainbow Six Siege. (RockPaperShotgun.com)

[] EA is a lot of things. Now, THEY WANT TO BE NETFLIX, too. (GamePolitics.com)

[] Kickstarter is proving itself to be a VERY EFFECTIVE TOOL judging by the money it helped raise in 2015. (GamePolitics.com)

[] In honor of our guest host, THE OBLIGATORY GUITAR SIMULATOR STORY OF THE WEEK! (VGChartz.com)

[] According to a recent study, the type of games you play could INCREASE THE LIKELIHOOD OF SUICIDE. (GamePolitics.com)

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