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Sunday, August 2

Coming Soon: The King of the Club

If you've been paying attention recently, you know that Brian has been working diligently on developing a new means of delivering fresh content. 

If you haven't been paying attention, Brian has been working diligently on developing a new means of delivering fresh content
We continue to experiment with new features and channels to bring the fun parts back to social media that have largely been replaced by a stubborn focus on all of the negatives that exist in our world. An escape from the news, the politics and the vitriol.

One of the main things we're doing is entering into streaming. With our new Twitch channel, we're bringing you games on Xbox One, on PlayStation 4 and on several retro consoles. We'll be multicasting those shows on our new Facebook Gaming channel as well. Be sure to subscribe to and Like both.

But what is King of the Club?

With the Morning Toons podcast, one of the fun things we used to do with guests was to simply play games and offer friendly, high stakes and cut throat games requiring skill, luck or both. King of the Club will call upon the spirit of those games by allowing anybody with either Skype or Zoom and a little free time a chance to become King, earning bragging rights until being themselves unseated.

Each week, we'll have a guest for two fun-filled segments on one of our streams. 

The guest's appearance will be pre-recorded with the first segment being a podcast-like conversation about whatever may come up. 

During the second segment, our guest will be asked five completely subjective - totally random, beyond crazy, occasionally inappropriate, always unpredictable - questions for which they are given only two possible answers to choose from.

From that point, we will take those exact questions and choices to the internet, setting up polls and allowing followers of those accounts to blindly answer for themselves. After those polls have run for 24 hours, we will add up the total percentages for the five questions, with the results of the voting being revealed in "real time" as each contestant gives their answer (and argues why all who disagree are simply wrong). If their total score beats the reigning King, well, Long Live the New King!

It's as easy as that.

So join us on Sunday and Thursday nights at 8:30 PM US Eastern as part of the club and let us know if you want to try your hand at claiming the throne.

Welcome to the Weekend!

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