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Wednesday, May 25

NEW PODCAST: Welcome to the Club, @1Up_PowerUp!

The 1-Up Club Podcast Network is proud to announce the arrival of a new show to its airwaves.  Heads Up regular Mart and his co-host for the Eat My Goal English Premier League podcast, Smokin' Scott, present 1-Up Power Up.

Power Up will bring listeners even more video game news but with a little more focus on PC gaming than Heads Up, Block Party, or Johnny Goodtime's fun Factory Podcast do. Plus, the show has that UK flair you've been looking for....even if you haven't realized it.

In this first episode, Mart and Scott jump right into it with talk about NVIDIA's new GTX 1080 graphics card, racism in the gaming community and how Blizzard is addressing it, Star Wars, and a lot more.

Be sure to check it out and welcome the two to The Club!

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