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Wednesday, April 27

PODCAST: Heads Up w/ @only1mart and @ryhamner

This week on The 1-Up Club's Heads Up, Brian is joined by Ryan (Game-Block.com) and Mart (some other super-nefarious dotcom) to discuss some of the latest news in video games.

The dastardly trio talk about Dead By Daylight and the positive ways in which it looks to change the survival  (and some of the things that appear to be shortcomings at this point). They also segue into talk of Friday The 13th: The Game and the scariest concept in VR......DriveClub.

Seriously, though, DriveClub is garbage.

Playstation's Neo gets a little bit of attention as well before the guys wrap up the show with a mini-discussion on mini-games in light of the news of The Witcher III's next expansion.

Welcome to the Club!

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