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Win A Mankind Divided Cloth Poster From The 1-Up Club!

Here at The 1-Up Club, we'll occasionally find ourselves with "stuff" that we just don't need. Like, say, a few extra Deus Ex: Mankind Divided cloth posters. Luckily for our listeners, we see no reason why we can't show a little love to those of you who actively participate in the podcast and at the website.
This Deus Ex: Mankind Divided poster is the very same poster given away by GameStop for pre-ordering the latest installment of Square Enix' storied franchise. At 27"x40", this will make a fantastic addition to your gaming area.

Entering to win this is easy: simply email us your thoughts on Sony's announced upgraded console, the PS4 Pro (or any other topic Sony related since they're really putting themselves out there this week). The email address to use is or feel free to use the contact form on the right side of our page. Be sure to use "Sony" in the subject line to be entered into a random drawing to be held during the recording of the next 1-Up Heads Up podcast.

The deadline to enter is Sunday, September 11, 2016 at 5 PM US Eastern. After a winner is selected, we will contact you via the email address you used to enter the giveaway to arrange shipment of the poster.

Unfortunately, since we are mailing this out at our own cost, we do have to restrict this particular giveaway to residents of the United States. Apologies to our international listeners on this one. We'll make it up to you guys soon.


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