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Monday, October 31

Black Friday Leaks Have Begun

The one positive thing about Black Friday shopping that resonates with all gamers is the great deals you can find the day after you've stuffed your gullet.

While we'll be keeping an eye out for great specials as we approach the American Thanksgiving holiday, Cheap Ass Gamer has already spotted two such deals, particularly so if you're in the market for an extension on your XBox Live Gold account.

Of all places, Dollar General will offer shoppers 50% off the regularly $24.99 3-month XBox Live Gold membership while supplies last in-store. That ends up $12.50 for those not good at the maths.

Also, Half Price Books is cutting the price of everything by 20%.

To keep an eye on what ads are leaked early, keep Cheap Ass Gamer's Master Thread in your browser's Favorites list from now though the holidays.

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