TGT Update: NES eBay Auction Ends, Sells for Less Than Expected

As reported here on and Toons Game Time, a copy of 1987's Bandai Family Fitness Stadium Events for the Nintendo Entertainment System was up for auction on eBay.

At the time, the sale was reported here, the highest bid was at $100,050.

The auction has since ended and, thanks largely to fraudulent bidding, the final bid ended up at a much lower $35,100. That's still a pretty big chunk of cash, for sure, but it presents another problem:

Did the presumed fraudulent bidding (by IDIOTS, by the way) artificially inflate the value of the game and, if so, what is the true value of a rare piece of video gaming history like this?

The only way we may ever know is if a similar item - or this same item - is auctioned off with a more reputable auctioneer, as opposed to the easily accessible digital auction house.
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