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Wednesday, January 14

PODCAST: Toons Game Time with @ryannoble66 - 2015's Exclusive Titles

On this week's Toons Game Time, Brian welcomes Barrie Colts Super Fan and ConstruxNunchux' on-staff ukelel artist, Ryan Noble, to the podcast.

The two will discuss the latest news from the video game world, including the $100K eBay auction, Microsoft's reluctant enthusiasm towards user-monetization of video game streams and videos, and Rock Band's first DLC in nearly two years.

They also discussed the exclusive titles you can expect to see this year for each system and what the Nintendo Wii U's, in particular, could mean for the future of the console.

Also, @HagglersPoppa weighs in on last week's Question of the Week and Brian nearly forgets to share this week's which is as follows:

What games from the past would you like to see re-made or remastered on the current and/or next generation of consoles?
Send your answers to the ToonsShow Gmail inbox, to @ToonsBrian on twitter or in this very comment thread.

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