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Friday, December 5

Toons Game Time Question of the Week

This week marks the debut of Toons Game Time. On Game Time, Brian will discuss the latest gaming news and notes as well as look at upcoming releases.

This show will not be a kids show as The Waka Waka Gaming podcast is. No, this one will be geared towards a more mature.....well.....older audience.

Information on how to be a guest of the show will be included in Episode 0, which will be recorded very shortly. However, right now, we are seeking your input on this week's

Question of the Week

We all have that game that we love. Or loved. That game that we played until we mastered it. That game that, when playing against somebody else - either online or beside them on the couch - you just knew the other guy (or girl) didn't stand a chance. What's yours? Is there a character or class of character that you had to use to unlock your domination?

Hit us up with your answer below in the comment section, via email at, by commenting on our facebook page or by using the hashtag #iToons on twitter.

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