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Wednesday, August 27

Toons Is Convinced: Jim Ross Can Make (Almost) Anything Better

7:59 PM 0

Game of Thrones is one of the more awesome shows on television. And, yes, reading the books makes it even better. Call me pretentious. Call me "that" guy. Either way, it's true.

You know what else is awesome? WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross's match commentary.

Imagine taking the two and mashing them - and as I quickly discovered, nearly ANYTHING - together. That's what some YouTubers did and it's awesome.

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Monday, August 25

Eat My Goal (Aug 25, 2014): Why Newcastle United Won't Win Premier League

3:19 AM 0
This week Mart, Guru & Scott discuss the Malky Mackay saga with Cardiff City, Mario Balotelli's transfer to Liverpool, Cavani linked with Arsenal and 5 reasons why Newcastle United will not win the Premier League.

Duration 50:23
Published 23/08/2014 11:30:00

Episode Download Link (46 MB):
Show Notes:
Podcast Feed: Eat My Goal (
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Saturday, August 23

Toonspiracy, with Jack, Brian and @TheRebelTrucker

Tuesday, August 19

Sunday, August 17

Episode 1 of The Waka Waka Gaming Podcast

5:00 PM 0
On this, the debut episode of The Waka Waka Gaming Podcast, Patrick and Brian talk about the video gaming news of the week:

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Eat My goal

1:29 PM 0
Eat-my-goal makes its triumphant return to Blog Talk Radio. Scott,  Mart and possibly even The Guru will discuss the opening weekend of the English Premier League campaign and maybe throw in some tangent bonus material.
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Saturday, August 16

New Podcast Reveal: The Waka Waka Gaming Podcast

1:43 PM 0
On the latest edition of Toons with Jack and Brian, listeners learned that a new podcast will be joining the Toons Family.

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Thursday, August 14

Toons Returns - Take 3 And Action!

PODCAST ALERT: Toons is on at 8:30 PM

7:40 PM 0
At 8:30 PM, join Jack and Brian for an episode of Toons.

Jack has moved. Brian would rather not.

They'll be talking about Robin Williams and want to know what your favorite Williams role was an why. Comment below or on twitter using the hashtag #iToons. OR you can use our new email, to share your thoughts with a little more depth.

Welcome to the Weekend!
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Wednesday, August 13

Streamlined For Your #iToons Pleasure

10:25 PM 0
Here at Toons, we pride ourselves on making you our Loonies. But not on making you loony in the process. That's why we looked to the Heavens and shouted "HOW CAN WE MAKE OUR LOONIES' LIVES EASIER AND LESS LOONY?!?!?!?!"

And it hit us.

Just make everything more easier to access!


Now you can find us on twitter. On facebook. On the web. On gmail and Google+ by using one simple name: ToonsShow.

We're still Toons. We're still a show. So ToonsShow.

It's genius, really.
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