Toons/WakaWaka Topics and Questions of the Week - #iToons -


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Tuesday, August 19

Toons/WakaWaka Topics and Questions of the Week - #iToons

This week's episodes of Toons and The Waka Waka Gaming Podcast topics are yours for discussion:

Toons With Jack & Brian - This week on Toons, Jack and Brian take a look at CONSPIRACY THEORIES!

Everybody believes in at least one conspiracy theory, right? And everybody thinks that somebody believing another is completely off their rocker.

Black helicopters. Moon Landings. Manufactured diseases for the sole purpose of eugenics. Andy Kaufman chilling with Elvis?

What's your theory? Let us know!

The Waka Waka Gaming Podcast - Patrick has been spending some time with Brian's PSOne this week. Meanwhile, Brian has been baking an awesome cake for his Sega Genesis.

The Genesis is 25 years old. Meaning that anybody who bought one back in the day (as he did) is fully justified in feeling old once again.

Rayman, on the other hand, came out 19 years ago. Brian never played it, but Patrick has and will weigh in on his opinion on UbiSoft's single-player platformer.

Tell us what your thoughts are AND what was your favorite game on the Sega Genesis or it's various peripherals.

Weigh in at, on twitter @ToonsShow or by using the hashtag #iToons, on Facebook OR in the comment section below!

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