This Week: #iToons, @Only1Mart Action News, An Episode of Toons and More! -


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Tuesday, August 12

This Week: #iToons, @Only1Mart Action News, An Episode of Toons and More!

This week will be a busy week at Toons. Here is a breakdown of it all:

First off, we have changed our Official Show Hashtag. Officially. In other words, we will no longer will be using #TagToons on twitter outside of our usual and more-frequent-than-you-would-believe tag team wrestling appearances in run-down high school gymnasiums. From this point forward, we will be using the hashtag #iToons. Follow along. The twitter feed is to the right.

Also, if you look along our site's right side, you will see a few other new sections. Our good friend Mart from the Eat My Goal podcast routinely sends us news articles ranging from disturbing to hilarious and we decided to give him a the corner....of our fictional offices. Well, not really. But we are now sharing those articles with you at the @Only1Mart Action News Desk.

Third, Jack and Brian will be going LIVE on Thursday at 8:30 for an episode of Toons! This will be our THIRD attempt at returning to the Trending Topics Network, with our previous two being technological disasters. Again, our apologies to those who have been patiently awaiting our return and extra thick, gushing apologies to Captain Awesome and T-Mac of the Spanish Announce Table podcast who joined us for the second of those disasters.

No show topic is set in stone at this point, but if you have something that you'd like us to talk about or a question you'd like us to answer, email us at, tweet us using #iToons or by mentioning @ToonsCast.

Or send smoke signals in the general direction of Toons Studios East or the ALL-NEW Toons Studios West. Although that method is, admittedly, not quite as reliable.

OR you can make it really easy on yourself and simply comment in the space provided below this very post. That you're already reading. Convenient, right? We thought so, too.

Fourthly, if you'd like to support the show, we'd love to receive it! If you prefer to offer kind words, we love to hear them. If you would feel inclined to contribute monetarily, we appreciate that as well. Our wives really appreciate it. And we've added a Donate button on our sidebar to allow you to easily do that. Any monies donated will go right back into the shows we do.

He'd wreck it completely on principal.
Then he'd buy another one.

Unless you're Bill Gates and you donate $2,000,000,000,000 thinking that you're buying iTunes. At which point (and this is a legal warning), Bill accepts that that donation would be non-refundable and Jack and Brian would then split the amount between themselves 50/50. They'd probably buy an NHL Franchise with the money. Brian would definitely buy the piece of machinery to the right:

Welcome to the Weekend!

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