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Tuesday, July 22

PODCAST ALERT: Toons to Welcome @TableShow, #TagToons Topic

This Thursday, at 8:30 PM, Jack and Brian will welcome Captain Awesome and T-Mac, the hosts of the popular wrestling podcast, The Spanish Announce Table. We'll discuss the squared circle, podcasting, how social media has changed virtually everything and peanut butter cups.

Plus, this week, Toons reintroduces a fan-favorite of their own: The Caller's Contest.

And if you'd like to interact with the show, either via the twitter hashtag, #TagToons, or through the comment section at the bottom of this very post, here is what we're looking for: Subject Matter.

Leaping Lanny Poffo used to recite one of his amazing poems prior to every match. Brian intends on doing the same this week. But he needs help coming up with topics. So, the job of the Loonies this week is to provide Brian with 1) something for him to complain about and 2) someone for him to direct his complaint to. It's as easy as that.

The deadline for recieving topics will be 6:00 PM Eastern on Thursday so that he has time to compose greatness for your ears.

Toons is back. And better than ever.

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