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Wednesday, August 27

Toons Is Convinced: Jim Ross Can Make (Almost) Anything Better

Game of Thrones is one of the more awesome shows on television. And, yes, reading the books makes it even better. Call me pretentious. Call me "that" guy. Either way, it's true.

You know what else is awesome? WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross's match commentary.

Imagine taking the two and mashing them - and as I quickly discovered, nearly ANYTHING - together. That's what some YouTubers did and it's awesome.

These are just great. As a matter of fact, if HBO doesn't hire Ross to do commentary for the King of the Andals, First of His Name Blah Blah Blah Ultra-violet 3D Blu-Ray/DVD/Digital Copy Complete Series Set with the collectible Tyrion Beer Mug and Wine Goblet set, I truly question that company's viability.

And it's not just limited to Game of Thrones. No way.

And, of course, I would imagine this one could harken back to the LOD 2000 days.

I'm sure that Good Ol' J.R. doesn't make everything better. In fact, I'm willing to bet that J.R. in yoga pants shilling DDP Yoga would be pretty terrible. But that is one of the few exceptions I could think of.

Big thanks to Keith for pointing us in the direction of the Game of Thrones one, forcing me into this YouTube abyss.

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