PODCAST: Game Time: The Beginning, The End And The Beginning

This week on Toons Game Time, Brian is joined by Mart and they talk about all kinds of stuff. Mostly video game stuff. Because that's what Game Time is all about.

Here is a sampling of what was discussed:
  • [STORY] Polygon.com: Oculus Rift will cost MORE than $350
  • [STORY] Destructoid.com: Super Meat is coming to PS, but NOT Super Meat Boy's music
  • [STORY] Gamesradar.com: Captain Planet recreated in GTA V
  • [STORY] GiantBomb.com: BlackOps III will only have multiplayer on 360/PS3
  • [STORY] VGChartz.com: The End is nigh! PS3 DISCONTINUED in New Zealand
  • [STORY] Polygon.com: Master Chief appears to die but doesn't
  • [STORY] IGN.com: Princess Leia's Slave bikini sells at auction
But they didn't stop there. There was also a quick review session on Shadow of Mordor and FIFA16 and the video games you can look forward to this week.

Plus: Ear-witness one ..... two ...... of the only times Brian has EVER been wrong only on Toons Game Time: The Beginning, The End and The Beginning!
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