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Tuesday, June 2

This Day in Video Game History: June 2, 1995

On this date in 1995, Double Dragon from the Neo Geo CD was released in the United States.

While your first instinct may be to remember the original iteration of the Double Dragon arcade beat 'em up, the Neo Geo version of the game was a spin-off based on the Double Dragon movie. You know the one. The one with Alyssa Milano, Scott Wolf and that chick-back-in-the-day girl from the soap operas.

This game, unlike the original series of Double Dragon, took the form of a fighting game, pitting one character against the other but with the addition of some new concepts like a charge meter that filled up faster as your health depleted and anime-like character design. Its ten playable characters and two bosses - the final boss being Koga Shuko from the movie - made it pretty standard for the day for a fighting game.

You might not have played this game because it got generally bad reviews, but it was Double Dragon so it's still cool in our book.

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