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Wednesday, June 3

E3 Exclusive: Molyneux Promises Most Ambitious MMO Ever

LOS ANGELES (ToonsShow.com) - Ambition is no stranger to Peter Molyneux.

Those familiar with the former the founder of Lionhead Studios know that Molyneux isn't afraid to reveal that ambition, either. Addressing a recent leak ahead of this month's E3 conference, the at times infamous developer took the time to briefly address his latest project, being careful not to divulge too many of the "surprises planned for the conference."

According to Molyneux, the goal of the project, known as Peter Molyneux's Life, according to the leaked poster, is to create the most interdependent MMO in the industry.

Leaked Promotional Poster
"Every decision we make, every word we say, as human beings," he said in a conference call, "affects each and every other human being. This is true regardless of our gender, our race, our sexuality, even our age. Our lives are all interconnected.

"Things like social media have numbed us to this in a way. We have the technology, the creativity and the means to reawaken this awareness and really bring that to the medium."

Life will begin with choices, asking players to choose to take on the role of either a singular sperm or egg cell. Things like conception and birth can be simulated through, however there will be perks to going through the process like specialization of growth.

"If one wishes to become strong in one area or another," he revealed "math, science, music, art, physical fitness, that will require a little extra attention be paid to your character in the womb."

He promised more - including the relationship dynamics that will be central to gameplay - would be revealed at E3, offering only that everything from romance, family, work and other more mundane aspects - including remembering to take out the trash, lest you be reprimanded by your wife/significant other - of the human experience will all be represented in the online society.

With many other projects, most notably Microsoft's exclusive Fable series, Molyneux's vision has surpassed his team's (or the console's) capabilities to fans' disappointment. Only time will tell.

The preceding article is not to be taken seriously at all. Everything, except Peter Molyneux's ambition and Fable falling short in many ways, is 100% fabricated. It's a joke.

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