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Thursday, May 21

#MoreDogs - Dumb Dogs.

So when us Construx Nunchux guys got the chance to contribute to our favorite site Toons, we were VERY excited! Everything felt right except one thing.

This is a cat free site.

For those familiar with our "work" we are a "cat heavy" blog and though we wanted to bring a little flavo(u)r from our site to this we are obligated to respect its rules. So instead of bringing you #MoreCats we have decided to make a small twist on a cxnx classic!

We present, #MoreDogs - Idiot Dogs.


Ugliest dog ever.. 
What is depth perception? 
This dog isn't dumb for the bag on its head, it's dumb because its obviously a Toronto Maple Leafs fan.
"I was waiting for you to get home" 
I guess this dog is kinda smart. Few animals are able to neuter themselves. 
Got toilet water? 
"I will go in after you do!"
This trap works every time
You know the dishwasher will clean that, right? 
And to prove I am not a dog hater and that I know that not all dogs are dumb, look at this poor beast. This is Malek. Clearly his owners are dumb.. Wait, that's my dog!

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