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Thursday, May 7

.@construXnunchuX - Muscle March

Have you ever watched the TV Hole in the Wall? When watching, it have you ever really wanted to see 6 thong clad body builders (and a polar bear) do it instead ... at top speed ... while chasing a thief? It's OK, at +Construx Nunchux  / Toonsshow.com we support you and don't care about what you're into. If that IS your thing then you have to check out this week's offering of  Japan's absurd side of gaming. 

Muscle March is/was a game you could snag on WiiWare for 800 points. It involves a dastardly thief that steals your protein powder and the hero, Tony, needs to get it back so he can continue to be muscular. You chase the thief through a bunch of stages and smash through walls. The holes left behind by the thief are in the shape of body building poses which you have to match to make it through the wall. Then when you get to the end of the level you have to frantically shake the controller to catch the asshole who stole your powder.

Honestly, it sounds really fun. Then you see the trailer ... There's yelling, aliens, rainbows, butts, wild J-Pop music it's the amalgam of everything awesome about Japanese gaming.  If it doesn't sell you on the game, I don't even know why you are reading this sentence. 

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