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PODCAST: Game Time S01.Ep03 w/ Guest @PK_BWC

Brian has Jury Duty this week, so he brought Game Time a little early. But that's okay. You'll forgive him after he reveals his guest, Paul "PK" Kissock.

That name sounds familiar, right? Of course it does. PK returns to The Trending Topics Network as a guest on Game Time having been a former staple on the Network. This time, PK's not covering the independent or British wrestling scene, though. He's talking games and the latest in gaming news.

On the show, Brian and PK discuss developers' tracking of game stats and what that means for games, the never-ending saga surrounding the rebirth of Mutant League Football and a study that says playing Rock Band, of all things, can help reduce stress and generate empathy towards strangers.

Plus, the two attempt to tackle the debate that is raging over whether or not "gaming" is a sport.

For more on the Video Gaming/Sports debate check out these two invaluable resources:
  • The BBC's report on the subject, available until around February 6th HERE
  •'s running forum and poll on the subject HERE
Also, check out the following links to help raise money for professional wrestler Kris Travis, who is battling cancer which PK told Brian about during the show:
  • DVD: Trav-Aid - A charity wrestling show that took place Nov 16th. All proceeds directly support Kris Travis. Details and ordering HERE
  • DVD: The Best of Kris Travis - 3 hrs of the best matches involving Kris Travis, including the involvement of some wrestlers you're likely familiar with. Details and ordering HERE
  • Travis T-Shirt - Available in various sizes. While supplies last. Details and ordering HERE 
 Also, weigh in on this week's Question of the Week:
Everybody who plays video games has had that moment that hooked them onto games. What was your moment?
Brian and his guest next week will read yours and give you theirs during next week's show.


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