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Sunday, January 4

PODCAST: Back Toons the Future!

This week on Toons, Jack and Brian take a trip to a place where they don't need roads: The Future.

The guys talked about a variety of topics, answering tough questions like "What will the biggest political scandal of 2015 be?" "Who will be a celebrity that has a big comeback (and vice versa)?" and "Will the new Star Wars movie suck?" No topic is left unturned and the best part of it all is that neither Jack or Brian knew what the other would ask.

Of course, minutes prior to recording this episode, Jack and Brian learned of the passing of ESPN's Stuart Scott after a long battle with cancer. So before the guys have their typical Toons fun, they discuss the anchor's battle, his legacy and the impact he had on a generation of sports viewers.

Welcome to the weekend!

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