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Thursday, December 18

Mark Out: WWE All-Stars "Celebrity" Grudge Matches

 As I was perusing the web during some of my time off, I came across some YouTube videos that very well may have changed my mind about THQ's WWE All-Stars.

My 9 year old son bought All-Stars using his birthday money last spring and it took me about a half hour to realize that this was not the game for me. Shortly after that, Patrick followed suit and the game has since done little more than take up space on the shelf.

However, one of the guys at decided to hit up the game's Create A Superstar mode to liven the game up a bit and, in doing so, sold me on the possibilities.
Take a look at these and then let us know who you would like to see go at it No Holds Barred.

Kratos v The Incredible Hulk

This was the first video I came across, purely by accident. The concept was simple enough. Take Kratos from Sony's God of War series and pit him against somebody presumed equally as powerful, The Incredible Hulk.

I'm not sure how long it took this guy to make Kratos but he did one helluva job.

Mario v Luigi

Let's be honest, we've all considered Luigi to be inferior to Mario since the "Green Mario" became a thing. A best guess would be that that is because Luigi was assigned to Player 2 and we're all Player 1s around here, no?

Eventually Mario and Luigi would end up with different looks and abilities (see Super Mario Bros. 2) and that rivalry would blossom into this beauty.

Now if only we could see the Hammer Bros. in action!

Sagat v Zangief

Yeah, okay. Sagat and Zangief can be pitted against each other virtually any time you'd like by throwing in a copy of various Street Fighter titles. But have they ever been in a ring together.

No, they have not.

I rest my case, Your Honor.

Although, Zangief's trunks look a little more modest than Capcom's version, if you ask me.

Batman v Joker

This is the quintessetial matchup of all time. Unless you consider Superman v Lex Luthor which wouldn't even be fair in a wrestling ring because of the "brains v brawn" aspect of their feud.

In a squared-circle, the decided advantage would obviously go to Batman, but Joker being the showman that he is would make sure it was entertaining.

George W. v Barry O.

Are you kidding me? George W. Bush taking on Barack Obama? Sign me up!

He pretty much nailed these characters, if not in look, in personality. And the fact that they immediately took the fight outside the ring all but screams Washington, DC Politics.

Let's face it, the only bad part about this matchup would be the endless promos and commercials leading up to it.

Let us know below who your fantasy grudge match opponents would be.

THE Ohio State's Buckeye versus Wolverine? Bill Nye versus Mr. Rodgers? Hit us up.

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