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Tuesday, December 16

Day One Patches: The Game Time Question of the Week

As online updates have become more and more prevalent, so have Day One patches. Whether the patch is for a specific game or for a system itself, there is a greater chance of having to get an update prior to use than not.

Far Cry 4 (PC) from Ubisoft received fixes in 24 general categories on its release date according to Ubisoft's official blog.

Assassin's Creed Unity, also from Ubisoft had a Day One patch correcting everything from animations to HUDs and more that was a hefty 900MB.

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That didn't even hold a candle to the XBox One's darling Halo: The Master Chief Collection, whose patch exceeds 15GB. Details on everything that 343 Industries had to fix can be found HERE.

The Game Time Question(s) of the week is this:

Are "Day One Patches" a mere nuisance or something greater to you? Have they influenced your game/system purchase habits in any way? Would delayed launches better or worse than these patches?

Weigh in in the comment section below, email your response to or by answering in the comment section below and we'll be sure to include your answers in the next Game Time

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