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Make This Movie: Indigo Prophecy (Quantic Dream, 2005)

There are a ton of video game titles and franchises that we've seen get their time in the multimedia spotlight over the years. Unfortunately many of them don't pan out. But that doesn't mean that we - the fans of these games - should stop pining for the moment some of our favorite franchises get the big (or silver) screen treatment.

Today, I'd like to call on a big movie studio to pick up the rights to Quantic Dreams' 2005 thriller Fahrenheit.

"Hey, wait a minute! The title of this article says it's about Indigo Prophecy."

Fahrenheit is the futbol of the video game world. It's only called Indigo Prophecy in North America. We're giving you this one. But soccer is soccer because football is football.

Back to the task at hand, I can think of few video games with a story that could as easily translate to a full-length feature as Fahrenheit. This is especially the case as we enter the Halloween season.

"Nothing to see here. Move along."
The game features a story line centering around an ancient Mayan oracle's quest to locate a fabled Indigo Child who has the ability to grant amazing power to anybody she wishes. Unfortunately for Lucas Kane, the oracle's quest goes directly and, at first, unknowingly through him. In fact, the story begins as Kane involuntarily murders a fellow diner on a cold, winter night.

Confused and terrified of what is happening, Kane desperately tries to solve the murder which he himself committed at the whim of some unknown force. His constant struggle to evade capture by the police plays out as almost a secondary goal to his struggle to maintain his own sanity.

The game is a solid, story-driven experience that is still worth checking out. If you need assurances as to just how solid the game is, consider some of Quantic Dreams' other titles. Heavy Rain. Beyond: Two Souls.  The upcoming Detroit: Become Human. As far as developers go, Quantic could be one of the most underrated of the past three generations of consoles due largely to their small library.

Quality over quantity.

The remastered version for Windows, Linux, OS X and iOS was released in 2015 (with Aspyr handling development) while a PlayStation 4 remaster was released in August of 2016.

And it's definitely worth a shot on the big screen, Hollywood. Although I'd call it Indigo Prophecy because it sounds infinitely more awesome than Fahrenheit. (Sorry, Europe. It just does.)


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