Watch/React to EA Play kick off #E32017 Here at 3:00 PM EDT (w/ LIVE UPDATES) -


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Saturday, June 10

Watch/React to EA Play kick off #E32017 Here at 3:00 PM EDT (w/ LIVE UPDATES)

E3 is kicking off today starting with EA Games' EA Play conference. Stream their presentation right here at The 1-Up Club and comment as often as you like to be included in our Wrap-Up Podcast.

Updates will appear below the embedded video leading into and as the show goes on.Join the conversation in the comment section or by using #1UpE3 on twitter.

1:48 PM: With just over an hour until showtime, Polygon's Ben Kuchera is reporting that Star Wars Battlefront II footage has leaked early. A big deal but I, personally am okay with waiting to see it as planned.

1:53 PM: Another breaking story - this one from GameSpot - says that BioWare will reveal their new IP during the EA Play conference. Please be a new Star Wars action title in the vein of Knights of the Old Republic or the dead 1313.

2:00 PM: Darth Maul and Rey will be among the characters shown in the Battlefront II gameplay footage.

2:05 PM: After texting with Ryan Hamner of earlier today (Safe travels today, my friend), I'm really curious to see if Amy Hennig and Jade Raymond get some feature time today. Two great assets for EA and DICE that we just don't hear enough from, in my opinion.

2:16 PM: You know what would be easier? If I just included a twitter feed so that you don't have to keep refreshing your page, which is super annoying to have to do. Jump in the conversation by using #1UpE3 on twitter!

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