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Wednesday, April 27

PODCAST: Heads Up w/ @only1mart and @ryhamner

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This week on The 1-Up Club's Heads Up, Brian is joined by Ryan (Game-Block.com) and Mart (some other super-nefarious dotcom) to discuss some of the latest news in video games.
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Saturday, April 16

PODCAST: Heads Up w/ @ryhamner

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God of War IV is coming. So is Uncharted 4: A Thief's End. So is....are the.....Ghostbusters? And a new XBox One? And another new XBox One?
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Thursday, April 14

News Flashing: Site News and Programming Notes

7:06 PM 0
It's been a rough couple weeks behind the scenes at 1-Up.club. Since the last episode of the Heads Up podcast, I've been working really hard on a few different projects that have not turned out as well as I had hoped. This is how it goes with design.
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Saturday, April 9

Congrats to Child's Play on Hitting Big Mark

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Some of you may remember us mentioning a great charity on the podcast called Child's Play. This charity focuses on making the world better for children by bringing video games and consoles to Children's Hospitals and domestic abuse shelters around the world.

Recently, the organization hit a huge milestone.
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