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Thursday, October 22

PODCAST: WakaWaka - Star Wars Battlefront Beta

Almost a year ago, I started having my son - who is really into video games, go figure - play some of the games I played in my youth. He quickly discovered that he enjoys what I grew up with as much as I did then.

Over the past year, we've made a bit of a habit of visiting Endless Electronics in Niles, OH (and more recently discovered StoneAgeGamer in Salem, OH) and updating our slowly growing collection of retro games.

I set Patrick up with his own blog, WakaWaka Gaming, shortly after we started this as a way to both bond with him over a shared love of the medium and, secretly, to improve his writing and critical thinking skills. After we set the page up, I had him join me for an episode of my own podcast and he liked doing it so much that he asked to do his own.

Since then, we've recorded a few episodes of The Waka Waka Gaming Podcast and this is the latest. In this episode, we talked about EA/Dice's Star Wars Battlefront Beta, Super Meat Boy, Super Mario Bros and more.

I'm really proud of how, at ten years old, he's growing into a more confident speaker and, as his father, appreciate the perspective he brings to what is really his show. I hope you enjoy it as well.

If you have kids, rest easy knowing that The Waka Waka Gaming Podcast and his website will remain kid-friendly and that I, personally, review every post to avoid any non-PG issues or links before it is published.

Thanks for checking it out!

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