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Wednesday, September 2

This Date in Game History: The Sims 4

We're not gonna lie, September 2nd is historically bad for game releases. And that makes it wholly appropriate that The Sims 4 is the feature for today's This Date in Game History!
The Sims, as a franchise has been a smashing success. At some point, its creators looked at SimCity, SimCircus, SimLionKing and any other real or imagined "simulation" game and said "Hey! We could have players simulate people and relationships!" And it just worked.

Despite that, the September 2, 2014 release of the PC version of The Sims 4 felt lacking to many fans of the franchise. "Lacking," you ask?

According to one fan site, the game was missing 82 features from its previous iterations.

So, yeah, lacking.

Since the release, many of those missing features have been added through various patches, vastly improving the game. But if a developer is looking to leave a lasting bad impression in gamers' mouths, releasing an incomplete game is the best way to do it. And Electronic Arts always seems up to that challenge.

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