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Tuesday, September 15

Introducing the Game Time News Feed

Like many of my fellow gamers, I check the various video game news sites daily for the latest information.  There are many reasons to like the sites that are out there and there are glaring reasons to not like the sites as well. That's why I've reorganized to make it a little easier to navigate the news of the day from the game industry.

Appearance-wise, you may not notice much of a difference if you are a casual visitor to the site. Cosmetically, there haven't been many changes. However, nearly all the content from the extreme right sidebar has been moved into the center. I did this to accommodate those who, like me, find all the different news sites out there to be a little bit overwhelming.

You know exactly what I'm saying.

If you go to the average gaming news site, the first thing you see is a screen full of advertisements for upcoming games, movies, whatever. Full motion video ads that keep you from getting the news that you came to the site for. Once that video is over or you've finally found the "close window" box, you have to navigate through the 600x400 pixel images that are strewn across the page, hoping to spot a story that interests you even remotely and then hoping that what interests you doesn't happen to be yet another ad.

That said, the biggest selling point for the Game Time News Feed is that it is completely simplified. In the feed, you will find all of the latest links to the actual articles from some of the top sites in the industry in text form.

No sorting through ads because they're not there.

Always the latest news because it's all RSS-based.

And we've included the largest variety you're likely to ask for: straight-up news, game and console sales, the European markets, the political scene and more.

So there's always a reason to save yourself time and come to first.

As always, your feedback is appreciated.

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