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Friday, August 28

Game Time Regular @Ham0nRy Reviews Until Dawn (PS4)

Toons Game Time regular contributor Ryan Hamner recently wrote a review of Supermassive Games' latest release Until Dawn. Typically, if you don't follow his personal blog, RyHamner: Candy and Cats, you'd have to wait to hear his review of the game until his next appearance on Game Time.

But he does have his own blog. And he has played Until Dawn. And he has posted his thoughts on the game.

We won't spoil the whole article because it's well worth your time to read it for yourself, but here are a few tiny excerpts:
...I’m not exactly sure how to categorize it.
Under its surface the lodge is full of rot and ruin, a nice metaphor for the characters the player is asked to control.
I agonized over one particular life and death decision for several minutes...
Ryan's breakdown is what you should look for in a review as it is in-depth and spoiler free. It covers the good. It covers the bad. With no slathering of BS that other sites might hand you.

If you like Ryan on Game Time, you'll like his post and if you don't like Ryan on Game Time, 1) there's something wrong with you and 2) this will give you a little more of an appreciation for what he sees when he's playing the games he plays.

Again check it out using the link above or THIS ONE (since it's hard work going back to the top of the page).

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