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Saturday, May 2

.@construXnunchuX - Guitar Hero for Butts!

In Japan, they love - and I mean LOVE - strange nudity. They incorporate depraved sexuality in almost everything they do, television, commercials, advertisements, vending machines, and especially video games. There are dozen's of games that challenge traditional thinking and railroads your mind with bizarre premises and uncomfortable situations. Today's game Boong-Ga! Boong-Ga! (Spank 'Em Spank 'Em) is not only the exception but it very well may be the example. 

Boong-Ga Boong-Ga is a real life thing. 

The premise is to spank a fake butt embedded into the game's cabinet and when the time is right, you shove a plastic finger into the butthole of one of the game's characters. The character selection is Ex-Girlfriend, Ex-boyfriend, Gangster, Mother In Law, Gold-digger, Prostitute, Child Molester and Con-Artist. You get to pick who you anally violate and get to see them scream in pain during the act. The game rates your sexual virility based on timing and pressure of the love tap and if you do well enough you get a prize in shape of a perfectly coiled turd.

Again, not kidding, here are the game's marketing mascots:

I guess the the game is based on a childhood bully ultimate dick-move called Kancho. Kancho is where you double finger gun and jab someone in the butt when they aren't expecting it. Bad times.

Again, this game is real ... and I'm sorry.

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