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Saturday, April 25

News Nobody Can Use: Drones, Pig Wrestling and Spermbots?

Here is a look at some of the latest news that you likely won't find from your typical news source. Either way, this is stuff that actually happens. Enjoy.

Nobody want to run with you, but you don't need people to join you in your self-loathing quest to burn calories because.....SCIENCE!

Here's a valuable Toons Tip: Never tell the judge that he "sucks nuts," that he will "burn in hell" or that he's an "impotent geezer." As you can see HERE, it typically doesn't work in your favor.

Chinese funerals are better than most funerals unless the Chinese government gets their way.


When you can't wrestle pigs in church, that's how you know the fascists have won.

Competitive vaping is a thing? Stop the ride. I want to get off.

[PICTURED LEFT] If I ever try to run a marathon..........yeah.

[PICTURED ABOVE] In Costa Rica, a new species of frog was discovered that looks just like Kermit!

All you need to know is that this article contains the words "Mr. Toilet" and "Mr. Condom."

PITTSBURGH BONUS! Vodka is a helluva drug. (This story involves Harvard. Just not that Harvard.)

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