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Monday, March 23

UPDATE: Low-Brow Hacker Group Violates ToonsShow.com

To Our Valued Readership,

You may have noticed a terribly misspelled article over the weekend that promoted some sort of tooth powder. That article, and most certainly that tooth powder, are not endorsed by this site or either Jack or Brian. On the contrary, we here at Toons would strongly suggest that you avoid this product at all costs, up to and including the actual loss of the teeth the "salesman" is trying to "salle," whatever that means.

This article came to be after a questionable, low-brow hacker group, known to some as "cXnX" or "Butt Grippers."

Either way, in light of the breach, we are adding security measures to ToonsShow.com that will ensure that this type of thing never happens again.

Thank you for your understanding.

Jack and Brian

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