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Tuesday, February 10

Game Time: To Feature @Evil_Shero, Question of the Week

Typically, Brian (Hey, that's me! Talking in the 3rd person again.) records Toons Game Time on Tuesdays, but this week, he's feeling under the weather. Which is a shame because he had Internet Hardener, Paul of and up and ready to go.

The two will arrange to record later this week, but think of it this way: It just gives YOU more time to respond to last week's Question of the Week which is:

The video game's movement towards digital downloads appears to be here to stay. Is that a good or a bad thing? And what changes to the way it's currently done would you make?

We'll have lots to go over when we sit down to record later this week including the upcoming Zelda Netflix series, so stayed Tooned.

In the meantime, I suggest you play some games, huh?

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