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Tuesday, January 6

Podcast: Toons Game Time (Season 1 - Ep 1) w/ @only1mart

It's the premier of Toons Game Time and Brian brought his long time friend from the UK, Mart, along for the ride!

If you find yourself sensitive to coarse, foul language, this show may not be for you. If you're a fan of Sony's PlayStation Network issues, you'll want to avoid it. If you have sympathy for gamers who lose large amounts of presumably hard-earned money in seconds, there's a podcast about cats out there somwhere that will bemore to your liking.

Nope, this week, Mart and Brian tear into the stories at the forefront of the gaming community right now. Including these stories:

  1. EVE Online Player Loses $1500 in seconds
  2.  Joystiq.com offers game development courses on a Name-Your-Own-Price basis for charity
  3. Microsoft is forming a Top Secret Development team that promises "risk" to applicants
  4. PlayStation Network tries to offer "thanks" to its customers in wake of Christmas disaster
All this and more on Toons Game Time, new to the Trending Topics Network!

Question of the Week (to be discussed on next week's show): What is the game you are looking forward to the most for 2015?

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