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Wednesday, January 28

PODCAST: Toons Game Time (S1.04) w/ @ryannoble66 - No Mo' Digits

This week's Toons Game Time was pushed back a day and, frankly, could have used a couple more hours. Listeners will find out what Brian is like when he hasn't slept for 21 hours and tries to do a podcast.

Luckily, to help handle the load, Ryan Noble came along and helped save the day as the two talked about the latest video game news including EA's future "Free-To-Start" possibility on consoles, big money changing hands on ebay once again, Microsoft's Windows 10 reveal, Joystiq's decision to move away from rating games and more.

They also go over listeners' answers to last week's Question of the Week, reveal this week's QotW AND tell you what games are being released in the next 14 days or so.

This is the ToonsShow.com and TrendingTopicsNetwork.com presentation of Toons Game Time.

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