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Monday, June 2

Toons is Returning to The Trending Topics Network

Hey, Loonies! Great news!

Not only will Jack and Brian be returning to the podcasting airwaves and their old antics, they will be returning to their roots while doing it.

It's been a spell, but Toons will now rejoin Old School at the Movies, Trending Mobile Technology, The Spanish Announce Table and others as part of the Trending Topics Network.

So whether you're into buttered popcorn and chick flicks, baby oiled-up muscle men creating carnage, the latest in mobile tech and gadgetry or just random good times, The Trending Topics Network will be the place for you.

And, in case you're wondering, keep Tooned In to this site in the future, because as Jack and Brian go live on mixlr, Loonies and #Trenders alike will be able to listen in and participate in the show.

The groundwork is being laid. Toons is on its way.

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