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Monday, June 12

1-Up After Dark: Bethesda's E3 Conference Breakdown and Trailers

9:30 AM 0

Let's face it. E3 is a great event but for many people in the world (see also "outside of the Pacific time zone and especially across the various ponds"), the times of the conferences can be a little bit taxing if this isn't your full-time job.

Add in the Pittsburgh Penguisn' Stanley Cup clinching game Sunday evening and watching the Bethesda conference - as much as I genuinely love the gang at Bethesda - unfortunately had to take a momentary backseat. But that delay ended when a continuing bout with poison ivy which prematurely ended my slumber.

So let's break this show down, shall we?
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Sunday, June 11

Watch/React to Microsoft's #E32017 Press Conference Right Here (LIVE Updates)

1:24 PM 0

Day 1 of E3 2017 featured EA Games.

Day 2 will see Microsoft step up with the highly anticipated reveal of Project Scorpio and - presumably - much more. Will Microsoft finally use their next hardware behemoth to overpower Sony's recent market dominance? Will their stable of exclusive IPs stand out enough to convert even some of the most die-hard Playstation fanboys/fangirls?

We'll all find out together at 5:00 PM EDT. Follow along with the conference right here and on Twitter using #1UpE3 and we'll get your feedback on The 1-Up Club E3 Wrap-Up podcast.
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Saturday, June 10

Watch/React to EA Play kick off #E32017 Here at 3:00 PM EDT (w/ LIVE UPDATES)

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E3 is kicking off today starting with EA Games' EA Play conference. Stream their presentation right here at The 1-Up Club and comment as often as you like to be included in our Wrap-Up Podcast.

Updates will appear below the embedded video leading into and as the show goes on.Join the conversation in the comment section or by using #1UpE3 on twitter.
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Tuesday, June 6

E3 2017 Podcast Preview, Coverage and Schedule

12:44 PM 0

The 1-Up Club is preparing coverage for this year's Biggest Show in Gaming. Brian and Ryan will be teaming up to record an E3 Preview Podcast on Wednesday June 6 in the morning and we want your input.
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