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PODCAST: Heads Up: From Switch to Twitch

This week on Heads Up, Brian and Ryan open the show talking about their all-time favorite peripherals before turning their attention to the upcoming Nintendo Switch and other topics.

Retro Review: Primal Raging

Much of my adolescence was spent with a Sega Genesis controller in my hand. In the mid-to-late 90s, that made me "normal," or at least as normal as an awkward teenager can be. Like other teenage boys at that time, the time that I spent on video games focused mostly on either sports or fighting titles.

This Day in Gaming History: Feb 15, 1993 (f. @ryhamner)

Typically when I sit down to do a This Day in Gaming History post, it presents nothing more than a nice little reminder of a game I kinda sorta remember playing back in the day. You know the day. Back when my hair was thicker, my waist was smaller and I didn't have to worry about how my knee was going to feel when I got up from typing 200 words or so.
That makes a day like today a little nicer.

Twisted Valentine's Day Cards From The Video Game World

It has not escaped us at The 1-Up Club that Valentine's Day cards are in short supply these days. So here are just a few (parody) Valentine's Day cards from some of our favorite characters and games of all time.


And please don't sue me, gimmicky legendary Japanese video game corporation who likes to dump on its fanbase whether or not they're actually making money of off of their passion (which this writer certainly isn't).

PODCAST: Heads Up Feb 13, 2017 w/ Brian and Ryan

Brian and Ryan return to discuss the latest in the world of video games. But before that, they discuss what power ups or abilities from video games they would love to have in their own real lives.