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Thursday, July 14

Mini NES News w/ @RyHamner and @ryannoble66, The VR DualShocker and more #VideoGame News

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Some huge news broke today out of Nintendo-Land making all other news seem inconsequential. However, we won't play that game here, so here are the biggest stories for Thursday, July 14, 2016.

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Wednesday, July 13

Off The Fence With No Man's Sky

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I've really been conflicted over the past several months. The debate on whether to take the leap and pre-order the highly-anticipated No Man's Sky, which releases Aug 9, 2016, has ebbed and flowed with each update provided by Hello Games, every leak revealed by any number of sources and every conversation with fellow gamers looking for the next big game.

No Man's Sky has so much potential.
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Microsoft Pulls Out, S Leaks, Pokemon GO Helps Unity and more #VideoGames News

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It's Wednesday, July 13, 2016 (Happy Birthday to Randy, the person in this world that I've known longer than any human not related to me) and this is your daily dose of video game news.
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Tuesday, July 12

PokeMoney, Overwatch, Tim Sweeney on Microsoft and Other #VideoGame News

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This is a breakdown of some of the video game industry's top news stories of the day.

Pokemon GO, Overwatch, Battlefield and Epic Games' Tim Sweeney are all making the headlines and it's only Monday!
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