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Advice For My Kids by @ToonsBrian

Typically this site is meant for entertainment purposes and just plain fun. It's meant to be a distraction from the mundane, joyless aspects of our lives that the world insists on placing in front of us.

This posting will be different.

VIDEO: The Entire First Season of @ConstruxNunchux' Lobster Lobby!

Maybe you missed it. Maybe you didn't even know about it.

Problem solved.

This is the entire first season of Lobster Lobby. You're welcome.

PODCAST: Game Time - Guano and Other S**t

This week on Game Time, Ryan Hamner tried to be on the show. But couldn't. So Brian and Mart trudged on, covering the week's news including Sotaru Itawa's death, EA and the NCAA's lost lawsuit, the return of the Commodore 64 (sort of) and more.

They also review some of the recent games they've been playing: Batman Arkham Knight, DriveClub PS Plus Edition, Rocket League and Mortal Kombat X's Predator DLC.

Share your thoughts by tweeting the show with #ToonsGT.

The A to Z Game: Video Games

There's a game my wife and I have played with our kids at the dinner table since they were little. Simply put, we would each say our "FAVORITE" word that began with an A, then a B, then a C and so on and so forth.

My son shook the dust off of this little game a few nights ago, adding Themes to the mix. He chose Animals, my daughter chose Doctor Who references, my wife chose to go with no theme and I chose Video Games.

It was actually pretty fun to do and I decided that it would be interesting to see what games the listeners of Toons Game Time would come up with, given the large selection of titles over the numerous generations of consoles.

So, fill out the form below and before next week's Toons Game Time, I will pool the results and share the different games that everybody came up with for your listening pleasure. List only one game per letter and only do it once, if you please.

- ToonsBrian

Create your own user feedback survey....if only monkeys could take survey…

PODCAST: ToonsChux Talks Kaufman, Japanese Insanity and More

This week on Toons....Chux....ToonsChux, Paul and Brian talk about all kinds of fun stuff.

First thing's first as they introduce those not familiar with to what that site is all about. Then they move on to what it is you can expect out of the Toons/Construx Nunchux alliance. Are you a Loonie? Are you a Chux Chaser? Why not be both?

Then the discussion moves on to the life and times (and post-times) of Andy Kaufman and the two opine on why the Japanese seem to have two very extreme extremes of behavior.

It all makes for a very entertaining show which you can forward to having more of in the future.

Welcome to the Weekend!