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ToonsChux Research Dept: Movie Soundtracks Survey

The first question the newly-formed ToonsChux Research Dept centers around film. More specifically, the soundtracks used in films.

There is no question that music has been used since the times of cavemen to warn of danger, to express emotion and to drive stories. Consider the fact that, in film, music was used to tell stories before voice acting was even a thing. Simply put, the connection of music to emotion in us is a strong one and that's why we are asking you for your Top 3 movie soundtracks of all time.

Submit your answers below and we'll present a montage of the collected answers closer to the end of this week.

Welcome to the Weekend!

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.@construxnunchux - Super Table Flip - The Domestic Violence Simulator

So Super Table Flip or Cho Chabudai Gaeshi is a dometic violence simulator from our friends in Japan. The premise is very simple. You have a time of 60 seconds and it plays out various scenarios dad and kids, there’s a bride at a wedding, a guest at a host club and a frustrated office worker and when someone is annoying or pisses you off you pound on the table to scare them and show how pissed you are. When the time is right you fire the table as hard as you can across the room with the intentions of causing the most destruction possible. You get alot of humorous replays and a score based on your chaos. Honestly, this one looks like alot of fun. There's not much else to this besides that so enjoy the clip.

HowToons: Do Tai Chi

Here in America - and likely the rest of the world - we're so obsessed with constantly moving, constantly keeping ourselves busy, constantly trying to be better than the next guy, righter than the next, smarter than the next, that we lose who we are spiritually.

There are a number of ways to reconnect with one's self. Church. Creative endeavors. Just "shutting it down" for a weekend. But there's nothing that stokes the imagination quite like Tai Chi (or "t'ai chi ch'uan").

#MoreDogs - Dumb Dogs.

So when us Construx Nunchux guys got the chance to contribute to our favorite site Toons, we were VERY excited! Everything felt right except one thing.

This is a cat free site.

For those familiar with our "work" we are a "cat heavy" blog and though we wanted to bring a little flavo(u)r from our site to this we are obligated to respect its rules. So instead of bringing you #MoreCats we have decided to make a small twist on a cxnx classic!

We present, #MoreDogs - Idiot Dogs.


.@construXnunchuX - Muscle March

Have you ever watched the TV Hole in the Wall? When watching, it have you ever really wanted to see 6 thong clad body builders (and a polar bear) do it instead ... at top speed ... while chasing a thief? It's OK, at +Construx Nunchux  / we support you and don't care about what you're into. If that IS your thing then you have to check out this week's offering of  Japan's absurd side of gaming. 
Muscle March is/was a game you could snag on WiiWare for 800 points. It involves a dastardly thief that steals your protein powder and the hero, Tony, needs to get it back so he can continue to be muscular. You chase the thief through a bunch of stages and smash through walls. The holes left behind by the thief are in the shape of body building poses which you have to match to make it through the wall. Then when you get to the end of the level you have to frantically shake the controller to catch the asshole who stole your powder.
Honestly, it sounds really fun.…

Toons Classic: Montezuma's Revenge

At Toons, we've done a lot of crazy skits from time to time. One of our favorites was Montezuma's Revenge.

.@construXnunchuX - Guitar Hero for Butts!

In Japan, they love - and I mean LOVE - strange nudity. They incorporate depraved sexuality in almost everything they do, television, commercials, advertisements, vending machines, and especially video games. There are dozen's of games that challenge traditional thinking and railroads your mind with bizarre premises and uncomfortable situations. Today's game Boong-Ga! Boong-Ga! (Spank 'Em Spank 'Em) is not only the exception but it very well may be the example. 
Boong-Ga Boong-Ga is a real life thing. 

The premise is to spank a fake butt embedded into the game's cabinet and when the time is right, you shove a plastic finger into the butthole of one of the game's characters. The character selection is Ex-Girlfriend, Ex-boyfriend, Gangster, Mother In Law, Gold-digger, Prostitute, Child Molester and Con-Artist. You get to pick who you anally violate and get to see them scream in pain during the act. The game rates your sexual virility based on timing and pressure…

PODCAST: Game Time w/ @Evil_Shero

This week on Toons Game Time, Brian brings along fellow weirdo Paul Clemente, aka Evil Shero as they discuss some of the latest news from the video game industry.