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Friday, March 27

PODCAST: Game Time w/@ryannoble66 - ToeJam Telethon

3:22 PM 0
This week on Toons' Game Time, Brian and Ryan discuss the latest news from the gaming industry.

Most importantly, they try to take care of business for the Kickstarter campaign that could see the classic series ToeJam & Earl return to consoles.

During the show, the guys discussed a gamer who reconfigured his Donkey Konga bongos then used them to beat Dark Souls. Impressed?

E3 is coming and Game Time is planning on covering it in depth with you as a member of one or more of our panels. Fill out the form on the right, using "E3" in the subject and tell us which company (or companies) you'd like to help cover following the June 16-18 Expo.
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Wednesday, March 25

An Open Letter to ConstruxNunchux

5:00 PM 0
The following open letter will be published at both and

To Whom It May Concern:

As you are well aware, this weekend - and again today - was subjected to a malicious cyber attack. The initial attack left Jack and I feeling extremely violated and left us unable to "perform" for the remainder of the weekend, a fact that we are both ashamed to admit and obligated to weaponize in the battle against this sort of thing from happening to others.

How much is slinging tooth powder worth, ConstruxNunchux? Or should I say "cxnx"?
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Whye donya b uy my toothh poweader

1:11 PM 3

You didnt liastn to me. my thooh pwder will heal you and washa ff all th efilthay and dirayefrom the isdeide. dont you want to be celan? i am a doctor and i knoww wahts insde you. ive seen ita all. why donta your jsut buy it i dont aunaderstandf whyh you would nt abut jsut buy it = jjust buy it for the money you have inside you. we all ahve it. taake  the powerder and go numb foretaet the filty person you are.

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PS4's "Yukimura" Set To Drop Tomorrow

9:12 AM 0

If you've been paying attention, you are aware of Sony's planned update which will feature a number of accessibility updates and social networking tools. What wasn't known for sure is when that update, known as Yukimura, would come down.

According to, that been revealed and Thursday, March 26 is when Yukimura will be unleashed.

Not only will the PS4 be receiving major software upgrades. The PS Vita and PlayStation apps will also be upgraded with features that will complement those that the PS4 will receive.

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Monday, March 23

PODCASTS: This week on The Trending Topics Network

4:51 PM 0
Each Monday, Toons will post a breakdown of every show that appeared on The Trending Topics Network from the previous Monday until Sunday. All shows can be found at Go there and subscribe today!

This week was a busy one, as usual, on The Trending Topics Network.

DSJNP Wrestlecast Ep. 57

Starting on Wednesday, DevilVamp, Heavyset, Katie the First Lady, Mop and Biohazard discussed topics surrounding the WWE including how to use WWE's mobile app, who should go/stay/improve and the Best of the Week. Listen here:

Old School At The Movies Ep. 114

A star-studded ensemble discussed all the latest movie news on this week's OSATM. Apparently Marvel is skipping Comic Con this year, there's a planned Ghostbusters spinoff. Old School gives his 50 Shades review (Hint: He secretly loved it.) and others review movies like Chappie! Listen here:

Spanish Announce Table Ep. 86

The Spanish Announce Table recorded a day late because T-Mac had to attend the WWE Smackdown taping but he and Captain Awesome do what they always do: Slam your brain with wrestling knowledge as they go over the week in professional wrestling. Results. News. Emails. And their favorite interactive game of #TweetTheTable.

Plus, T-Mac promises a prize if #TweetTheTable trends worldwide during this year's Wrestlemania. Listen here:

Cerebral Satire Ep. 19

On this week's Cerebral Satire, DevilVamp, Ant and Wayne have a lot to talk about when it comes to penises. Who knew the week would be filled with strange phallic news items and articles. There's always something going on with the internet. Listen here:

Trending Mobile Technology Ep. 100

This week marked the 100th episode of Trending Mobile technology and Piper the DJ continued on his quest to educate the masses about the latest mobilie tech news and notes. He starts out with the obvious yet oft-ignored plea for people to put the phone down when driving before diving into stories about Samsung, Sprint and more. Listen here:

Toons Game Time (S01.08)

This week, Brian went alone due to some real life issues that crept up. During Game Time, though, he brought news of Mortal Kombat X's next announced kombatant (that will give Nightwolf an actual purpose), Lego and TellTale Games' plans to bring their own statuettes onto the gaming landscape this holiday season, this week's game release schedule and much more. Listen here:

Toons' St. Patrick's Day Spectacular

Yeah. So this is a repeat.

This past weekend, Brian published the wrong audio file of the Toons St. Patrick's Day Special (Definitely because he was drunk when he published it). So, this is the higher-quality re-broadcast of the show featuring all kinds of Irish topics, drinking and general shenanigans featuring Jack, Brian and their friend Mart. Listen here.....again.

All Beer Inside Ep. 1

Old School's take on The Trending Topics Network's own All Wine Aside features a massive cast. During the show, e'rybody drinks. A lot. All the while discussing sexual robots, Old School's Tournament of Hotness, a time paradox and more. You know. Stuff you talk about when your blood-alcohol level is a little higher than .... well ... maybe it should be. Listen here:

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UPDATE: Low-Brow Hacker Group Violates

1:54 PM 0
To Our Valued Readership,

You may have noticed a terribly misspelled article over the weekend that promoted some sort of tooth powder. That article, and most certainly that tooth powder, are not endorsed by this site or either Jack or Brian. On the contrary, we here at Toons would strongly suggest that you avoid this product at all costs, up to and including the actual loss of the teeth the "salesman" is trying to "salle," whatever that means.

This article came to be after a questionable, low-brow hacker group, known to some as "cXnX" or "Butt Grippers."

Either way, in light of the breach, we are adding security measures to that will ensure that this type of thing never happens again.

Thank you for your understanding.

Jack and Brian
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Saturday, March 21

EZXCLsUIV Tooth POWEdr on Salle!

2:51 PM 0
You needs to buy it from me i have some thhooher powder for you and it wil make you healed and ee what no one else can see. why dont you buy it. you give i give and we make the world breathe again. why dont you buy it?
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Friday, March 20

Blast From The Past: The Zelda Movie Trailer

8:59 PM 0

Zelda has been in the news quite a bit lately. Namely because it would be what is considered a "hot property."

Majora's Mask 3D helped the Nintendo 3DS XL become February's hottest selling video game device. Netflix has begun the process of creating a live-action series around the story of Link and Princess Zelda. The Link Amiibo is among the top selling of Nintendo's new cash cow.
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Saturday, March 14

One Month Out: Video of Johnny Cage's Variations for MK X

3:04 PM 0

Mortal Kombat X releases in just one month. If you're like me and a fan of the series, the date is circled on your calendar either literally or figuratively, and rightfully so.

The last incarnation of the MK series, released in 2011, was arguably the best version to date given all-new features like online play, an in-depth Story Mode and devastating X-ray combos. Without that game's success, it is likely that MK X would not have been given the nod this early in the next-gen cycle.
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Friday, March 13

PODCAST: Game Time (S01.07) w/ Guest @ryannoble66

1:04 PM 0

Season 1, Episode 7 of Toons Game Time features a few changes. This is the first episode that is recorded on a Friday. It's the first episode that forgoes the Question of the Week as a regular feature. It's the first episode that includes a video game remix in lieu of the Commercial of the Week as well.

But the most important things that are included are the news and the fun.
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Monday, March 9

St. Patrick's Day Toons: Be Our Guest, Drunk Limericks and More

9:11 PM 0

This Saturday night (That's March 14th, 2015) on Toons, Jack and Brian celebrate St. Patrick's Day the only way they know how: by drinking and reciting limericks.

We've got a lot planned for this episode and we want to invite you to participate.

Whether you want to be a guest on the show or send us your favorite traditions, memories or limericks, which we will read while silly drunk, simply use the contact form at the side of this page or the comment section at the bottom of this very post to let us know and submit your favorite masterpieces.

Welcome to the Weekend.

No, wait.

Fáilte το an deireadh seachtaine!
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