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PODCAST: Toons Game Time (S1.06) w/ @Only1Mart

What's that you say? A new episode of a Toons podcast?

This week on Game Time, Brian (hey, that's me!) got on the line with Mart as they discussed some of the latest news from the gaming industry. There's a Titanic game at the crowd-sourcing stage, Kanye West is looking to honor (or profit off of) his mother through a video game, Microsoft is promising to make some HUGE E3 waves and more.

Game Time: To Feature @Evil_Shero, Question of the Week

Typically, Brian (Hey, that's me! Talking in the 3rd person again.) records Toons Game Time on Tuesdays, but this week, he's feeling under the weather. Which is a shame because he had Internet Hardener, Paul of and up and ready to go.

The two will arrange to record later this week, but think of it this way: It just gives YOU more time to respond to last week's Question of the Week which is:

Zelda's Going Live Action, These Series Should, Too

By now you've all heard the news centered around Netflix's venture into the world of gaming. If not, bone up already and READ THIS WALL STREET JOURNAL PIECE RIGHT NOW!

Or you can accept this Cliff's Notes version: Netflix is rumored to be working closely with Nintendo to bring The Legend of Zelda to the small screen with a live action series. The only thing not to like about this news is that, if it comes to be, we have quite a wait ahead of us.

PODCAST: Toons Game Time w/ guest @You_MeAnd_McKee

On this week's episode of Toons Game Time, Brian welcomes guest Tucker McKee, a new friend to the Toons family.