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PODCAST: Toons Game Time (S1.04) w/ @ryannoble66 - No Mo' Digits

This week's Toons Game Time was pushed back a day and, frankly, could have used a couple more hours. Listeners will find out what Brian is like when he hasn't slept for 21 hours and tries to do a podcast.

BREAKING NEWS: Toons Game Time Ep 1 Prediction Comes True

Think back to Toons Game Time Episode 1. Brian and Mart were talking about potential new advances in video game technology that Microsoft's "top secret team" could possibly come up with.

At one point in the discussion, we brought up a Google Glass-like peripheral that would overlay your tv screen much like a HUD or Iron Man's helmet display system.

PODCAST: Game Time S01.Ep03 w/ Guest @PK_BWC

Brian has Jury Duty this week, so he brought Game Time a little early. But that's okay. You'll forgive him after he reveals his guest, Paul "PK" Kissock.

That name sounds familiar, right? Of course it does. PK returns to The Trending Topics Network as a guest on Game Time having been a former staple on the Network. This time, PK's not covering the independent or British wrestling scene, though. He's talking games and the latest in gaming news.

Toons Game Time Recommended Charity Organization: Child's Play (@CPCharity)

Recently on Toons Game Time, I told you about a video game development course, offered by StackSocial (FOUND HERE) that was not only allowing you to name your own price, but donating 10% of its proceeds to one of three charities that you choose.

One of those charities really caught my attention: Child's Play, found at

TGT Update: NES eBay Auction Ends, Sells for Less Than Expected

As reported here on and Toons Game Time, a copy of 1987's Bandai Family Fitness Stadium Events for the Nintendo Entertainment System was up for auction on eBay.

At the time, the sale was reported here, the highest bid was at $100,050.

PODCAST: Toons Game Time with @ryannoble66 - 2015's Exclusive Titles

On this week's Toons Game Time, Brian welcomes Barrie Colts Super Fan and ConstruxNunchux' on-staff ukelel artist, Ryan Noble, to the podcast.

The two will discuss the latest news from the video game world, including the $100K eBay auction, Microsoft's reluctant enthusiasm towards user-monetization of video game streams and videos, and Rock Band's first DLC in nearly two years.

TGT: Game Time to Feature @ryannoble66, Rare NES Cartridge Auctioned and More

This week on Toons Game Time, Brian will welcome fellow Canadian (if Brian were Canadian) Ryan Noble from Construx Nunchux, Pens Initiative and A Very Barrie Colts Blog as they discuss the upcoming year in video games and some of the top news items form the video game industry.

Already on tap for this week's show, what is considered to be the rarest of all released Nintendo Entertainment System cartidges in existence is being sold at auction and it can be yours! That is if you have a cool $100,000 just lying around.

TGT: QotW and List of Scheduled Game Release Dates for 2015

This week on Toons Game Time, Brian revealed the Question of the Week to be this:
What is the game or games that you are looking forward to the most in 2015? Weigh in by commenting below, sending a message via Skype to ToonsShow, or by email, using an mp3 attachment if you so wish to do so.

A pretty simple question, right? Not if you don't know what games are coming this year. Here at Toons, we are taking care of that little problem for you. The following (found in more detail at is a rough schedule of what's to come out:

Podcast: Toons Game Time (Season 1 - Ep 1) w/ @only1mart

It's the premier of Toons Game Time and Brian brought his long time friend from the UK, Mart, along for the ride!

If you find yourself sensitive to coarse, foul language, this show may not be for you. If you're a fan of Sony's PlayStation Network issues, you'll want to avoid it. If you have sympathy for gamers who lose large amounts of presumably hard-earned money in seconds, there's a podcast about cats out there somwhere that will bemore to your liking.

Call to Arms: Pathfinder Gamers Wanted via @FatNinjaX

Are you into Pathfinder? Are you interested in participating in a Monday or Wednesday group centered around the Fantasy RPG? Well, we have good news for you, my friend.

Toons' good friend Fat Ninja is putting together groups for those nights. If interested, Like his Fat Ninja Game Talk feed on facebook (LINK HERE) and let him know you're in. Or just find out details.

If you don't know him, that's fine. He's a great dude, he knows his games and, as long as that's your passion, he's very likely going to be your favorite new friend.

Game Time Podcast Preview: MMO Player Loses Big-Time Money, @only1mart Appears

According to, this week a player of the MMO game EVE Online found out why you don't simply cart around over $1500 worth of in-game merch unprotected.

For whatever reason, Ozuwara Ozuwara, in a move that was as perplexing as his repeating name, loaded up the $1500 worth of PLEX (which is essentially 30-day subscriptions to the game's servers), and set sail for the deep dark reaches of space.

Then all Hell broke loose and the next thing he knew, fellow gamer Diorden, made the 84 pieces of PLEX nothing more than space flotsam.


This Tuesday afternoon, I invite Mart (@only1mart) to Toons Game Time where we will discuss this and other great topics in the world of gaming.

Weight in on this or any other video game topic and we'll include your comments …

PODCAST: Back Toons the Future!

This week on Toons, Jack and Brian take a trip to a place where they don't need roads: The Future.

The guys talked about a variety of topics, answering tough questions like "What will the biggest political scandal of 2015 be?" "Who will be a celebrity that has a big comeback (and vice versa)?" and "Will the new Star Wars movie suck?" No topic is left unturned and the best part of it all is that neither Jack or Brian knew what the other would ask.

Of course, minutes prior to recording this episode, Jack and Brian learned of the passing of ESPN's Stuart Scott after a long battle with cancer. So before the guys have their typical Toons fun, they discuss the anchor's battle, his legacy and the impact he had on a generation of sports viewers.

Welcome to the weekend!

Best of the Best: Mashed Potato Sculptures

Before reading the title of this post, I'm willing to bet that you never thought to yourself "What I'm missing in my life are some amazing mashed potato sculptures."

Well, we here at Toons are dedicated to bring you exactly the things that you didn't realize you wanted. Throughout this post, you will find yourself enthralled at the majesty presented by the artists. At times you will find your hunger growing. And at other times, you may find yourself feeling a little....uncomfortable.

Upcoming Podcast: Back Toons The Future

This week on Toons, Jack and Brian are going all Nostradamus. Or was it Nostredame?

Either way, Jack and Brian will tell you exactly what to expect out of the coming year. Hell, if you'd like, you can tell us what to expect.

Make your predictions. Make them real. Make them funny. Make them real funny. It's 100% up to you.

If you'd like to participate in the show which will be recorded on Saturday morning, hit up @ToonsJack or @ToonsBrian on twitter and let them know.

PODCAST: Brian Appears on @OldMoviesDotNet

This week, the guys from Old School at the Movies on the Trending Topics Network invited our very own Brian to appear on their podcast to talk about all the latest movie news.

On the show they covered everything from the Top 20 Most Pirated Movies of 2014 to Aaron Paul's role in a potential Han Solo spin-off. Plus, Brian reveals whay iconic movie series he's never watched.

All that and more on this week's Old School at the Movies!

Listen here: