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Thursday, December 18

Mark Out: WWE All-Stars "Celebrity" Grudge Matches

11:40 AM 0

 As I was perusing the web during some of my time off, I came across some YouTube videos that very well may have changed my mind about THQ's WWE All-Stars.

My 9 year old son bought All-Stars using his birthday money last spring and it took me about a half hour to realize that this was not the game for me. Shortly after that, Patrick followed suit and the game has since done little more than take up space on the shelf.

However, one of the guys at decided to hit up the game's Create A Superstar mode to liven the game up a bit and, in doing so, sold me on the possibilities.
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Tuesday, December 16

Day One Patches: The Game Time Question of the Week

11:38 PM 0

As online updates have become more and more prevalent, so have Day One patches. Whether the patch is for a specific game or for a system itself, there is a greater chance of having to get an update prior to use than not.
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Celebrating With The Hoff

3:28 PM 0

As many of you may know, today marked the launch of's new look. To help celebrate that launch, it seems only appropriate to share with our Loonies the greatest gift the internet could have to offer.

Maybe ever.

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ToonsShow with @ToonsJack and @ToonsBrian Goes DotCom With An All-New Look

1:19 PM 0

 The "big" news is pretty simple, actually. is now simply Forget what you forced yourself to learn before because it's now that easy.

As you can see, the site's appearance has changed as well.
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Friday, December 5

Canada Appreciation Month: Wolverine

7:52 PM 0

Wolverine is Canadian. That is all.

Actually, that's not all. This guy has probably saved your ass as much as any other character in the comic book multiverse without so much as a thank you.
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Toons Game Time Question of the Week

10:30 AM 0

This week marks the debut of Toons Game Time. On Game Time, Brian will discuss the latest gaming news and notes as well as look at upcoming releases.

This show will not be a kids show as The Waka Waka Gaming podcast is. No, this one will be geared towards a more mature.....well.....older audience.

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Thursday, December 4

Canada Appreciation Month: Canadian Bacon

6:48 PM 0

Toons' venture into increasing the world's appreciation of Canada continues throughout the month of December. 

If you're like us here at Toons, one of childhood's - and perhaps adulthood's - greater joys took the form of a McDonald's Egg McMuffin sandwich. The egg is fine. English muffins are awesome. And a slice of American cheese? Who could argue against putting that piece of fully processed diary bi-product goodness in your mouth at 7 AM? Nobody I know, that's for damn sure.

But one ingredient put this iconic mass-produced sandwich on the next level. And that would be...
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Wednesday, December 3

Canada Appreciation Month: Lorne Michaels

5:04 PM 0
Every day throughout December, Toons is taking the time to show some appreciation for our neighbors to the north for all that they have to offer. 

Today, Toons would like to recognize a Canadian who has indirectly touched the lives of nearly every American over the age of 12 in one way or another. A Canadian who has equally influenced several generations of comedians and comediennes. Today, Toons recognizes....
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Tuesday, December 2

Canada Appreciation Month: Loonies

6:39 PM 0
All throughout December, Toons is celebrating Canada Appreciation Month. Each day, we will share with you something that Canada has that is absolutely worthy of our appreciation.

Every nation - excepting those members of the European Union and a few others - has its own currency. In Canada, they have one very specific coin that we here at Toons could never ignore.
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Monday, December 1

Canadian Appreciation Month: O Canada

5:41 PM 0

All this month, Toons is celebrating Canada Appreciation Month! Each day of December, Jack and Brian will present to you one little factoid, one celebrity or one thing that our little brother to the north is responsible for. 

We, at Toons, are hockey fans so it is fitting that the first entry into our Canada Appreciation Month list is something that just screams "hockey" as soon as it comes to mind.

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