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Thursday, November 27

Toons Goes Mobile: Black Friday Deals To Look For

12:30 AM 0

This week on Toons, Jack and Brian talk about what's going on in Jack's hometown of St. Louis and discuss the Thanksgiving holiday.

Then, we share Jack's conversation with Piper the DJ, host of the Trending Topics Network's feature show, Trending Mobile Technology. Piper tells Jack - and the Loonies, in turn - what deals they can expect to see on Black Friday that will make their mobile technology world a little...or a LOT...better.

Welcome to the weekend! You're listening to Toons.

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Monday, November 17

Podcast: Toons Welcomes @TableShow

9:20 PM 0
This week on Toons....

Well, okay. It was last week.

Either way, this week on Toons, Jack and Brian talked to Captain Awesome and T-Mac of The Spanish Announce Table, a podcast about PROfessional wrestling. Not much wrestling was discussed due to some technical issues that really limited the conversation but the glaring lack of great Thanksgiving music certainly was.

Also, Toons received an exclusive clip from a future WWE Smackdown that proves a T-Mac prediction from Episode 68 of The Spanish Announce Table is, indeed, inevitable.

Welcome to the Weekend.

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Wednesday, November 5

Eat My Goal Episode 66

4:34 PM 0
Another week brings another round up from your 3 favourite pundits.On this show we review all the premier league action from the weekend dated the 1st and 2nd November. Main talking points include the Manchester derby, Oscar scoring a stunning goal for Chelsea but did he get out classed by Southhampton's Wanyama? and Sanchez puts in another world class performance for Arsenal.  We also check out the trailer for the new Fifa movie United Passions.
Episode Download Link:
Podcast Feed: Eat My Goal:
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Monday, November 3

Recap: Toons Tech

2:08 PM 0
This week on Toons: Toons Tech, Jack and Brian discussed some of the technological "advances" that don't seem so advanced today. Most important, though, were their thoughts on the recent departure of Saturday cartoons from network television after 50 years of being a faithful presence in youth's lives.

Here are the the intros to Jack and Brian's respective top three cartoons (in a randomized order). Tell us below what yours were.

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Sunday, November 2

PODCAST: Toons Tech And Our Favorite Cartoons....Eulogized

10:25 AM 0
This week on Toons, Jack and Brian discussed technology from the past 30 years or so. And how silly some of that technology seems today. And how silly it seemed then.

Satellite dishes. AOL Dial-up. Calculator watches. The Sega Saturn.

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