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Monday, October 20

VIDEO: Hey, NES! How are YOU doing?

9:34 AM 1
Happy Monday!

I came across this while working on a project for PensInitiative.com and thought I would share its awesomeness with my fellow Loonies.

What were your favorite NES games? Hit us up in the comment section.

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Friday, October 17

Sex on the Beach Sucks, Proud Parents and Other Breaking News

9:25 PM 0
Each week, Toons will compile - at no extra charge - some of the more important news of the week. Okay, so maybe these news aren't directly important to anybody but the people involved in the stories. But laughter is important. And that's good enough for us.

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A Toons PSA: "Bola" Fact Sheets

12:21 PM 0
Here at Toons, we strive to keep our loyal Loonies up to date and current with all available information. With that simple premise in mind, here is a collection of facts concerning the latest media scare: Bola. After all, not all "Bola"s will kill you. Just most of them will.
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