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Saturday, September 27

Breaking Toons: Podcast and Topic-Related Poll

5:14 PM 0
This week on Toons, Jack and Brian discuss a few current news items. Plus, the second installment of Jack's Riddle.

Listen here and take our listener poll.

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Wednesday, September 24

PODCAST: Toons 8000

8:58 PM 0
This week on Toons, Jack and Brian addressed the disappointment that the NFL and its players have been causing as of late. Instead of just talking about it, they decided to offer listeners an alternative to the popular sport.

Well.....several alternatives, really.

Welcome to the Weekend...sort of...You're listening to Toons on the Trending Topics Network.
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PODCAST: Eat My Goal (Episode 63)

2:46 AM 0
The lads are back in full force this week as Scott joins Mart & Guru to breakdown all the weekends Premier League action, reaction and headlines for the weekend dated the 20th & 21st of September 20014.

Main talking points this week include Mancester United giving up a 2 goal lead over newly promoted Leicester City, Ozil scoring his first away goal for Arsenal & Tom Cleverly's poorly judged twitter Q&A session. All this with the usual high jinks & banter so download or walk the plank?
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Sunday, September 14

Waka Waka Gaming Podcast: Rayman (PSOne)

10:59 AM 0

This week on The Waka Waka Gaming podcast, Patrick and Brian discussed a number of things. What is a retro game? How cellphone games and V-Tech systems are similar to platforms from the past. And, of course, the Waka Waka Game of the Week, Rayman.

The discussion also included and explanation as to why their new dedicated website - and the podcast - is and will always be kid-friendly. Be sure to visit WakaWakaGaming today!

Here's the show!

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Tuesday, September 9


8:31 PM 0
Everybody has a fear. Something that makes them pee their pants. Or pee others' pants.

Jack and Brian make fun of those people this week on Toons: Toonsophobia.

Plus, Brian acknowledges that he never knows how to close out the show. So the guys will give our Loonies the chance to submit their very own goodbye phrases each and every week!

Don't let them down!
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Eat-my-goal Episode 62

12:11 PM 0
Join Guru and Mart for an International flavoured show. Topics include England versus Switzerland, Sepp Blatter and a new campaign as Guru prepares to run against Blatter for Fifa Presidency #Guru4Fifa. All this along with usual banter and high jinks.
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Monday, September 8

Antonio Brown Kicks Punter with Jim Ross treatment

3:45 PM 0
Antonio Brown front heel kick (Jim Ross version)

As we here at Toons say.. "J.R. makes everything a little more tasty."
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Wednesday, September 3

Tuesday, September 2

Eat-my-goal Episode 61

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